Taupe is a trio that collide sour scatter-skronk with sludgy, doom-inspired riffs. We try to reconcile the in-the-moment alchemy of free improvisation with pre-meditated polyrhythmic and wonky structures.

Aside from me on guitar + electronics, Taupe is Jamie Stockbridge on saxophone + effects and Adam Stapleford on drum kit.

You can listen to us on bandcamp and keep up to date with what we're doing through our website, mailing list or insta/fb/twitter.

“Music to punch things to.”
- Daniel Spicer, The Wire

“Very much egoless […] it’s exhilarating, bursting with rebellious energy.”
- Bernard Clarke, RTÉ Lyric FM

”(Taupe) revel in formal deconstruction and textural mutation … there’s a sense of punky mischief here that recalls Naked City or Melt Banana.”
- Stewart Smith, The List