Pauta Para el Caos

Pauta Para el Caos (English: Policy for Chaos) is the second collaboration between Antonia Bañados and myself (or the third, if you’re counting the video she made for Taupe’s single release, A Clown Drools).

It’s an installation bringing together paintings, sculptures and a generative sound piece, imagining a fictional territory bearing the impact of previous inhabitation, the breakdown of these artificial elements, and their contrast with the natural features of the landscape.

It was shown at Gallería AFA in Santiago, Chile from October-December 2017, and in summer 2018 at the Geological Museum of Portugal, in Lisbon.

The sound for Pauta Para el Caos takes the form of an evolving, mutating soundtrack, synthesised and generated live by a computer program built using SuperCollider. It was important for us to avoid the constant repetition of a fixed looping piece of audio, so instead the sound was built as a virtual sonic model of the fictional environment and its weather. This approach helps to give a strong sonic identity to the piece, while at the same time never playing the same way twice and constantly unfolding new interactions.