bela pedal (version 0)

This was my first try at building a pedal using bela. The page for the current project is available here.

This is a pedal I built to help me integrate the Bela platform into my performance practice. It’s still very much a work in progress, but I thought I’d share how I’ve got on so far.

Bela is an embedded platform for audio and sensor processing. I want to use it to allow me to program digital instruments and effects to use with guitar and electronics, without the space/expense/hassle of carting around a laptop and audio interface everywhere.

All the hardware related stuff is done and the pedal is all built and fully functional from a hardware point of view. The feature list for what I’ve included is as follows:

Stereo audio in/out (with the option to use either individual mono 1/4” jacks for each channel, or a combined stereo minijack.), access to USB ports for power, updating and using as a MIDI host, and a separate barrel power jack for flexibility.
A front panel for control with lots of options, including: 4 knobs, 2 light sensors, 4 toggle switches, 4 push button switches, 2 control footswitches, and a true bypass on/off footswitch (Pictured at the top of the page). A back panel with scope for connecting lots more ins and outs, including: up to 6 analogue CV inputs, 2 expression pedal inputs, 8 analogue CV outputs, 8 assignable digital inputs/outputs.

Here are some photos of the assembly process: